Frequently Asked Questions

What type of metal is used to make Cooler Rest?

Cooler Rest is made from 16ga. mild, cold-rolled steel. The frame is made from a 1” tube of the same material. The Custom Series can be ordered in a 304 stainless steel.

Can I order a Classic or Premier Cooler Rest in Stainless Steel?

No, stainless steel is only available in a Custom order.

What finishing options are available?

Classic and Premier Series are powder coated – both the frame and the back. Custom orders in stainless steel offer two finishing options:

  1. Powder coated frame and powder coated back; these can be done in different colors
  2. Electroplated frame and powder coated back

We cannot electropolish a stainless steel back; electropolish on a back will easily show scratches from normal use.

Custom silk screen orders will be done in white ink. All Custom designs will have “Cooler Rest” silk screened in white on the bottom right front corner of each piece.

Will the silk screen or paint fade, rust, or chip?

Cooler Rest was designed for outdoor use and the paint contains a UV protection. The powder coat will withstand normal use; it can be scratched or chipped from abuse of the product. Please note that Cooler Rests with extensive use in coastal areas with exposure to salt water air are susceptible to rust, as all metal products in these areas are apt to rust. The same applies to Cooler Rests that are left uncovered for extensive amounts of time in other areas of the country where metal is apt to rust because of exposure to snow, road salt, etc.

How hot does this product get if sitting in the sun all day?

Similar to other items left outside in the sun, Cooler Rest will get hot. When this happens, simply place your favorite beach towel over the product for a cooler experience.

Is there a weight limit Cooler Rest will hold?

Cooler Rest is a great item for people of all sizes. It is made with a durable, strong metal construction that was designed to have a slight rock to it for maximum comfort.

Does Cooler Rest compromise the integrity of the cooler’s seal/function when in place?

No. Your cooler will still have the same reliability as it did before.

How do you install Cooler Rest?

Simply lift your cooler lid and slide Cooler Rest into the ratchet strap slots. Note that you will need to hold the lid of your cooler open slightly to install Cooler Rest facing the front of the cooler. You can place Cooler Rest facing the back of the cooler and the lid will open fully. Your cooler will open with plenty of room to easily access your items inside regardless of which way it is installed on the cooler.

Will Cooler Rest work on all coolers?

Cooler Rest is currently designed to fit several models of Yeti, Frio, RTIC, Big Frig and Legend coolers. Check out this handy chart to find exactly which coolers will work with Cooler Rest.